Weekly Logic Puzzle February 19 2014, 2 Comments

Luminous Learning math riddles for elementary school special education students.

Last Week's Puzzle

Can you place the fractions in order from least to greatest? *Hint: 1/5 is the smallest

                   3/10 , 4/9 , 1/4 , 3/5 , 14/17 , 1/5

Answer:  1/5 , 3/10 , 1/4 , 4/9 , 3/5 , 14/17

This Week's Puzzle

In the zoo, the ratio of elephants to giraffes is 5 to 3. There are 10 more elephants than giraffes. How many elephants and giraffes are there in the zoo?

*Hint: Can you create a list of possible number pairs that have the ratio 5:3?

A new puzzle is posted weekly. Post your guesses below and check back next week to find out the answer!

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