Weekly Logic Puzzle February 26 2014, 0 Comments

Luminous Learning math riddles for elementary school special education students.

Last Week's Puzzle

In the zoo, the ratio of elephants to giraffes is 5 to 3. There are 10 more elephants than giraffes. How many elephants and giraffes are there in the zoo?

*Hint: Can you create a list of possible number pairs that have the ratio 5:3?

Answer:  There are 25 elephants and 15 giraffes in the zoo.

This Week's Puzzle

What decimal number am I? 

The digit in my hundredths place is one half the digit in my tenths place. The digit in my ones place is twice the digit in my tenths place.  

_______ . _______ _______

*Hint: I do not have the number 1.

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