Weekly Logic Puzzle March 05 2014, 0 Comments

Luminous Learning math riddles for elementary school special education students.

Last Week's Puzzle

What decimal number am I? 

The digit in my hundredths place is one half the digit in my tenths place. The digit in my ones place is twice the digit in my tenths place.  

______ . ______ ______ 

*Hint: I do not have the number 1.

Answer:  8.42

This Week's Puzzle

Can you figure out the next number in the sequence? What is the pattern?

6 , 12 , 8 , 16 , 12 , 24 , 20 , 16 , _____

*Hint: If the numbers are increasing, am I adding or multiplying? If the numbers are decreasing, am I subtracting or dividing?

A new puzzle is posted weekly. Post your guesses below and check back next week to find out the answer!


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