Weekly Logic Puzzle April 02 2014, 1 Comment

Luminous Learning math riddles for elementary school special education students.

Last Week's Puzzle

What comes next in the sequence:

Triangle, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, ____________, Octagon, Nonagon

*Bonus: What comes after a nonagon?


Heptagon, which is a 7-sided figure figure (also called a septagon)
Triangle- 3 sides
Rectangle- 4 sides
Pentagon- 5 sides
Hexagon- 6 sides
Heptagon- 7 sides
Octagon- 8 sides
Nonagon- 9 sides
Decagon- 10 sides
*Bonus: Decagon  

This Week's Puzzle

Answer these analogies:

a) 4 : 16 as 10 : ____

b) Triangle : Hexagon as Rectangle : _____

A new puzzle is posted weekly. Post your guesses below and check back next week to find out the answer!


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