Weekly Logic Puzzle October 22 2014, 0 Comments

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Last Week's Puzzle 

It’s time for school so you buy new pants. You plan to wear them with three different shirts and two different pairs of shoes. How many different ways can you wear your new school outfits?


You can make 18 different outfits. Each pairs of shorts can be matched with each shirt. 

Pants 1: Shirt 1, Shirt 2, Shirt 3

Pants 2: Shirt 1, Shirt 2, Shirt 3

Pants 3: Shirt 1, Shirt 2, Shirt 3

That’s 9 different combinations. Since each outfit can have one of two different shoes, that’s 9 x 2, or 18 different outfits.


This Week's Puzzle

Seven people meet at a party. Each person shakes hands once with every other person at the party. How many handshakes take place?

A new puzzle is posted weekly. Post your guesses below and check back next week to find out the answer!                   

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