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    Tutoring Center for math help

    Tutor for special education students with learning disabilities and dyslexia

    Colleen Uscianowski teaches all the tutoring sessions. She combines years of experience as an educator with her passion and dedication to working with students. Colleen firmly believes that, with the right supports, every student can develop a love of learning and increased confidence in their abilities.


            • PhD fellow at Columbia University
            • M.S.ed in Childhood Learning Disabilities from Hunter College
            • B.A. in Language and Mind from New York University

    Colleen is well versed in various learning strategies and multi-sensory programs including the Orton-Gillingham approach. She is a certified special education teacher and cultivated her knowledge and skills while working in public, private and charter schools in New York City. Most recently, she served as a fifth-grade head teacher at the Churchill School in New York City, one of the premier schools for students with learning disabilities. 

    Colleen has also served multiple years as an adjunct lecturer in the Graduate School of Education at Hunter College in New York City, served as both Instructional Advisor and Manager of Courses at the Relay Graduate School of Education, and taught English abroad in India. 

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    1. Do you provide progress reports?

    Absolutely! We believe that ongoing communication and collaboration with parents is essential as we work towards the same goal: helping your child succeed. Parents will receive monthly progress reports that detail what topics their child is learning and how they are progressing towards meeting their learning goals.

    2. Why does tutoring take place in groups instead of one-on-one?

    Tutoring takes place in small groups of 3 - 5 students because we believe children learn best from interactions with both an expert teacher and other nascent learners. In fact, educational psychologists have found that learning improves when students work together in collaborative groups.  Some examples of the skills that students learn from small group instruction include critical thinking, communication, interpersonal, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

    3. How are students grouped?

    Colleen will find a convenient time to meet with you and your child to conduct a pre-test. The pre-test will identify areas of strength and weakness in reading, writing, or math. Students will be placed into heterogeneous groups with peers on a similar level so that instruction will be individualized and targeted to their areas of weakness, while building on their strengths. 

    4. When will the tutoring sessions take place?

    The fall session begins on September 12, 2015 and runs every Saturday through February 6 (except Saturday, December 26). The spring session begins on February 13, 2016 and runs every Saturday through June 25. You can enroll in 

    5. How long is each tutoring session?

    Each reading and math tutoring session lasts 55 minutes. You can enroll your child in either reading or math tutoring, or both subjects. 

    6. What discounts do you offer?

    If you register early by September 1, you save 15% off the regular registration fee, bringing the cost per session down to $50/hour.


    Math help and reading help We'd love to hear from you! Contact us by email at: