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    Online Professional Development Course for Teachers

    Improve your math instruction!

    Learn research-based teaching strategies to help your students
    MASTER multiplication and division.

    Enroll now for $199

    Do you want your students to have a deep conceptual understanding of math facts?
    To flexibly use different strategies to answer multiplication and division problems?
    To come to class, eager and excited to learn math?

    This can be your classroom!

    In this 6 week course, we'll cover:

    Children’s development of multiplication and division

    Why a strategy-based approach rooted in problem-solving is the best way to teach multiplication and division.

    Assessing fact knowledge

    Discover the 3 things we need to assess to gauge students’ understanding of multiplication and division facts.

    Teaching math to struggling learners

    Which facts students actually NEED to know and in what order should they be taught.

    How to handle pesky word problems

    Recognize the 6 different kinds of multiplication problems and the 2 different kinds of division problems.

    Teaching strategies for special education students

    12 effective teaching strategies you should use and the 3 ineffective teaching strategies you should avoid.

    The relationship between learning disabilities & math

    Why students with math disabilities have trouble with multiplication and division.

    Get started today!

    Have your math lessons reach all levels of learners.

    This professional development course will teach you everything you need to know to strengthen your students’ understanding and retention of their multiplication and division facts.

    Who should enroll?

    This course is for anyone who teaches math to struggling students. It is most appropriate for teachers of grades 3 – 5, although older grade teachers may also find it beneficial to fill gaps in students’ knowledge.

    Why should I enroll?

    You want your struggling math students to feel success and experience those “AHA” moments. You also want to finally move beyond teaching and reteaching the basic multiplication and division facts so your students can experience the joy and excitement of more complex math.

    Do you find yourself wondering the same things?

    • How do I help my kids master grade-level standards when they don’t know their basic math facts? Many of my students are missing foundational skills so there is a lot of backtracking needed in order for them to learn new material.

    • How can I make sure my students don’t forget their facts? Teaching my students who have learning disabilities is difficult because even if they understand concepts, they have difficulty retaining details and remembering the facts and procedures.

    • How can I increase my students’ confidence in learning multiplication and division? It seems that once they go home, they lose their confidence and forget how to approach problems properly.

    • How do I maintain student engagement and also prevent them from becoming frustrated? My students get impatient when learning multiplication and division and frustrated with themselves when they get problems wrong.

    If any of the above rings a bell, you're in the right place!

    "Multiplication and Division for Special Education" course is:

    • Research-based: Every lesson and every teaching tip is rooted in proven research strategies that work for special education students.
    • Designed for YOU and YOUR students: This isn’t a generic course about how to teach multiplication and division. Every lesson is specifically geared towards teachers who work with students with learning disabilities.
    • Full of actionable teaching strategies: These aren’t vague theoretical ideas, but real advice you can implement in your classroom immediately to see real change.

    What do I get in this course??


    These comprehensive video and text-based lessons give you actionable information designed for you to implement immediately. You'll find out exactly how to teach multiplication and division to your special education or struggling students as you progress through the course. 

    Downloadable handouts and case studies 

    You can use these handouts in your classroom as great visual and text-based aids when teaching multiplication and division. Examples of handouts include the properties of multiplication and divisibility rules. The case studies will help contextualize everything you've been learning through real-life scenarios.


    Download and fill out a new course workbook every week. These workbooks are brimming with questions and prompts to help you apply what you've just learned to your own teaching. Each course workbook will help you reflect on your teaching practice and set goals for what you want to implement into your math instruction. 


    Once you complete the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion for 15 hours of professional development credits or CEUs.


    You will always have access to the most up-to-date information and teaching strategies for the math classroom, for free. Any time I update the course with even more resources or research-based instructional strategies for assessing multiplication and division, you'll have access to it all!

    Transform your multiplication and division instruction

    Want more? You got it!
    Here are some bonuses you'll get when you enroll

    Multiplication and division printable games and activities

    These hands-on activities and games are designed especially for students with learning disabilities or struggling learners to make math fun and engaging. They use physical manipulatives and drawings to help make math concrete and reinforce what students are learning in your lessons. 

    Basic skills assessment

    Use this assessment to learn which phase of multiplication and division knowledge each of your students are currently in. This will help you tailor your instruction to their current stage of math development while helping move them to the next phase. 

    How to teach multiplication and division ebook

    This 20+ page guide to teaching multiplication in the special education classroom is a great supplement to everything you'll learn in the course. As an added bonus, it comes with printable activities you can use right away!

    Math beliefs and attitudes questionnaire

    Students math anxieties, math mindset, and attitudes towards math learning have a big impact on how they're going to perform in your classroom. Use this detailed questionnaire to learn more about how your students approach math learning. 

    60+ pages of multiplication and division worksheets and word problems & 24 task cards

    These multiplication and division worksheets and task cards are designed especially for special education students and struggling math learners. Use these to supplement hands-on activities by assigning them as homework, do-now activities, or independent practice. 


    Meet the instructor: Dr. Colleen Uscianowski

    Since I started teaching in 2007, I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't work when teaching math in the special education classroom. I made it my mission to improve the math skills of students with disabilities and help them develop a deep conceptual understanding of basic math facts, including multiplication and division.

    After I struggled to help my students master their math facts and build conceptual understanding, I read the research, consulted with experts in the field, and tested my own teaching methods until I discovered the right way to assess my students' knowledge.

    Over the years, I've shared everything I learned with teachers when I became an adjunct lecturer, professional development provider, and workshop leader. I eventually went back to Columbia University for my PhD in cognitive psychology to learn more about children's mathematical thinking from a brain-based perspective.

    This professional development course gives you everything you need to successfully teach multiplication and division knowledge and transform your classroom teaching.

    Check out the course curriculum 

    Here's what you'll learn each week:

    LESSSON 1 Get to the root of the problem: Sign and symptoms of math learning disabilities
    LESSON 2 Lay the foundation: The meaning and language of multiplication and division
    LESSON 3 Use a problem-solving approach: Multiplication and division problem types
    LESSON 4 The 4 phases of fact mastery: How children develop understanding and fluency
    LESSON 5 Find out what they know: How to assess multiplication and division knowledge
    LESSON 6 Plan your instruction: Integrate effective teaching practices and principles

    Here's what my former students had to say...


    Of the courses I have taken thus far, this is the course I have learned the most from, by far! Not only have I learned the material but you have provided us with so many resources and assets that I will definitely use in the future. Actually, some of the strategies we have learned I have already been applying in my lesson plans.


    Colleen was an amazing instructor, who really taught me vital strategies for helping students of all ability levels. Colleen's passion for the field was obvious, and I truly enjoyed every minute of her class. I loved this course, and it served to reinforce my passion for special education.


    The course videos and materials were very helpful to explain the topics; they had clear definitions, explanations, and various examples to best teach the lesson. The videos showing real-life implementation of math instruction was helpful in further understanding the material.


    This class was a great benefit towards my education. I wish that more teachers could be like you because the way you taught the class always kept us interested and focused. This class was very inspirational and has given me great insight towards special education that I had not realized before.

    Get started today!


    When does the course start and finish?
    How long do I have access to the course?
    Will I get access to the course all at once?
    Can I earn CEUs or professional development credits?
    What if I am unhappy with the course?
    What if I need help?