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    math math funWith the right supports, every student can learn math. We provide those supports. 

    Luminous Learning math workbooks and activity books are designed with visual supports to simplify mathematical concepts and make math fun.

    We believe that math doesn't need to be scary or intimidating for the students. Given the right support and a clear portrayal of math concepts, the struggling student could demonstrate an aptitude in math and a confidence in their ability. The result: print and digital content that promotes a deep, lasting understanding for students with learning disabilities.

    Because every student is smart. Some just learn differently.

    How to use Luminous Learning resources:

    • to supplement a lesson
    • to preview a topic before it is taught
    • to review previously taught material as a refresher
    • with the whole class, a small group, or individual students 

    What makes Luminous Learning unique?

    • Our materials are created with built-in supports, such as visual aids, step-by-step strategy guides, and clear examples to support students who need math help or have a learning disability.
    • Because we believe that students should play an active role in the learning process, our workbooks engage students with increasingly complex questions that develop their understanding beyond the surface level.
    • Our worksheets further students’ learning and provide a way for the teacher or parent check for understanding, ensuring that students have mastered the material before moving onto the next topic.

      School and Home Use

      homeschool mathNot only are our math resources excellent tools for the classroom, they also work wonderfully to support learning at home or supplement a homeschool curriculum. Luminous Learning math worksheets and activity books are a fun way to reinforce the math concepts your child is already learning. Concepts are broken down into smaller chunks and presented alongside visual aids and clear examples, illuminating each math skill. Parents, give your children extra math practice at home. Our materials cover content in grades K – 5.