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    Grades 4 - 5 Special Education Math

    4th Grade and 5th Grade math worksheets, math games, and math activities provide step by step math help for students with learning disabilities.

    Improve basic math skills with visual math aids, including:

    • images of base-10 blocks, counters, and number lines
    • graph paper to align numbers
    • color-coded hints and clear examples
    • step-by-step math help
    • math games and activities with math manipulatives

    How to Use Our Math Worksheets

    Use Luminous Learning printable math worksheets when teaching basic math facts. They’re useful for differentiated instruction, independent practice during your math lessons, and math station activities. Assign them as math homework or math do-now worksheets.  

    How to Use Our Math Games and Activities

    Use Luminous Learning math games and activities to provide math practice and make math learning fun! They’re useful for differentiated instruction during math centers and provide extra practice to reinforce basic math skills.

    Develop Math Fact Fluency and Conceptual Understanding

    Our math printables are designed to help your students achieve math success and become confident students! Learn more about how we designed Luminous Learning math resources with visual math aids to support special education students.

    Shop our 4th Grade and 5th Grade math worksheets, math games, and math activities: