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    Math and Special Education Blog

    Use these 5 actionable strategies today to grow your students' math vocabulary

    strategies to grow students math vocabulary
    Students with learning disabilities often struggle to understand and use the appropriate vocabulary when expressing their ideas in all content areas, including mathematics. Using correct mathematical terms can seem like learning a new language! Students won't simply absorb newly taught math terms when presented throughout the lesson. Instead, the best approach is to introduce new vocabulary through explicit instruction, in the context of meaningful math examples. Students will construct meaning as the teacher repeatedly connects the term with the definition as they are engaging in mathematical investigations. 
    Keep reading to learn some tips for increasing your students' understanding and use of math vocabulary.

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    6 easy ways to organize your math centers

    6 easy ways to organize your math centers
    Math centers are powerful tools to differentiate learning but they can get real messy real fast! It can be hard to keep your math centers organized and running smoothly. And what happens when you have students with disabilities who might be more impulsive, have difficulty reading labels, and need refocusing during independent work? In this blog post, I share 6 steps to help you set up your math centers and keep them organized all year around so your students with disabilities can work independently and successfully.

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    5 strategies that make math learning fun and engaging

    math is fun tips
    When students find math fun, they’ll be more motivated to learn. If you try some of the strategies below, you’ll be able to tell your students are more engaged math learners. They’ll look forward to each day’s math lesson and participate more in the lesson. They’ll have more to share during math conversations and they’ll approach math activities with greater enthusiasm. There is wonder in math and the strategies below will help your students discover this wonder and find enjoyment in learning math. Try one of these 5 strategies and let us know how it goes!

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    First six weeks: 5 teaching strategies to build math confidence

    math teaching strategies to increase confidence

    The first six weeks of school are important for the success of the rest of the school year. The routines and guidelines you establish in the first six weeks of school will set your classroom and students up for a year of productive math learning.

    Learn 5 teaching strategies to help students build their math confidence and decrease anxiety. Practice doing these 5 things in the first six weeks of school. If these teaching strategies become a habit, you will establish a successful math classroom!

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    Learning math through games

    I always made time in the week to play math games with my students. Not only did it make math learning fun, little did they know they were also practicing their multiplication facts, and problem-solving skills!

    There are many different kinds of math games, from traditional, commercial games you can purchase to more simple dice or card games you can make. Keep reading to learn about a number of wonderful games that can be used as part of your math instruction. 

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