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    Math and Special Education Blog — game-based learning

    8 fun multiplication games for your math centers

    8 fun multiplication games for your math centers
    I LOVE playing games (not gonna lie, I've been known to get a little too serious about a game or two of Monopoly). But it's not just me. My students LOVED playing games. I've never seen such an engaged group as when we played math games during Funday Friday. Do you want to know the best thing about math games for the classroom? Math games are not only fun, but they're an incredibly good way to practice math skills! They turn boring ol' math practice into a fun, motivational exercise. In fact, games are so much fun that students don't even know that they're learning! Sshhh..just don't tell my students. I want to share 8 fun multiplication games that you can use in your math centers. One reason I love these multiplication games is because they don't require you to buy anything special. You can use materials you already have in your classroom. So dig out the dice, playing cards, math counters, and let's play some math games!

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    Learning math through games

    I always made time in the week to play math games with my students. Not only did it make math learning fun, little did they know they were also practicing their multiplication facts, and problem-solving skills!

    There are many different kinds of math games, from traditional, commercial games you can purchase to more simple dice or card games you can make. Keep reading to learn about a number of wonderful games that can be used as part of your math instruction. 

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